Saracen Media Group provide Customized Hosting Solutions, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), WordPress Support and Maintenance and IT solutions.

Saracen Media Group was created in 2014 after was split into individual business units.

Host Your Web started in September 2000 providing website hosting solutions​ to local businesses. Our first server was a Cobalt Raq 3 and was co-hosted in the nerve center of the UK, London Docklands.

As we took on more clients there were requests for us to provide more services such as website development. As we were a hosting company we didn't wish to be involved in website development​.

However, in 2001 we bowed to pressure from client requests and in January 2001 we developed our 1st client website. This was the start of many years developing websites for clients.

In March 2001, the clients that we were developing websites for were asking how they could get their websites listed in the search engines​. So we started to offer SEO services listing clients websites in what was then 100's of search engines.

Over the next few years the business grew and our hosting solutions expanded into Houston Texas USA in August 2003 and further USA expansion in April 2004​ into datacenters located in Chicago.

In 2007 we expanded our hosting solutions into Europe and in 2011 into Australasia locating our servers in Singapore.

Which leads us back to 2014 when Saracen Media Group was created and was split into the following business units:
- Customized Server Hosting ​
- WordPress Support and Maintenance
- the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) side of the business
- our marketing campaign solution is managed by

Our URL shortening solution is managed at